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Home Inspection vs. Home Appraisal

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To the first-time homebuyer, these may sound like similar services, but they are quite different. The main difference between home inspection vs. home appraisal is that a home inspection describes the condition of the home while an appraisal describes the value of the real estate. 

The Home Inspection Process

A home inspection is a visual, noninvasive examination of the condition of a home. During the inspection, all of the items typically used within a home are tested and/or operated to verify proper operation or installation. When a home inspector visits a home, they usually have a checklist that includes areas and systems to inspect. The areas on a home inspector’s checklist include Grounds, Exterior, Roof, Attic, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Bedroom, Interior, Fireplace/Wood Stove, Crawl Space, Basement, Garage, and Structure. The home inspection checklist also includes an examination of systems; Electrical, Heating and, Plumbing. 

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A home inspection is usually for a home buyer and recommended by a real estate agent, although there are home inspections for home sellers too. There are those that want a home inspection for peace of mind these are called maintenance home inspections.

The Home Appraisal Process

To a certain degree, a home appraiser evaluates the condition of a home, but not as thorough or as complete. The primary job of an appraiser is to determine the value of the entire real estate. An appraiser will gather information such as the property’s square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The final report will include comparable sales, statistics on current real estate market trends, and other information that went into calculating value. 

In most home sales the appraiser is paid for by the buyer and usually required by the financial lender. 

How Are They the Same? 

Both services are performed before the sale of a home. Most importantly both services are impartial. Neither professional is paid based on a commission or sale of the home. Inspectors and appraisers have a high set of practices and standards towards certification. Finally, the real estate industry depends on unbiased property valuation from your appraiser and a neutral home inspection report from your inspector.

Full-Service Home Inspection Services

At Check It Out Home Inspection Services, we offer all the home inspection services you would expect, for example electrical, plumbing, roof, structure, interior, exterior, garage, and grounds, etc. (Go to the Check it Out Home Inspection homepage for a full list of home inspection services). We also offer One-Stop Shopping Home Inspection Services so you can schedule sewer scoping, radon testing, and oil tank searches 24/7 with a single click or call.