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Do Home Inspectors Check For Rodents And Insects?

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The primary role of a home inspector is to determine the condition of a home. This includes the structure, interior, exterior, and systems like electrical and plumbing. Most items in a home are inspected based on whether its condition is serviceable, requires maintenance, defective or a safety hazard. You read our previous post on definitions that are used to describe home inspection conditions.

Under Oregon’s Home Inspector Standards of Behavior and Standards of Practice Administrative Rules, it is not required to report on the presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms, rodents or insects. However in our Sample Home Inspection Report, we have a line item for insects and rodents for these areas; Grounds, Exterior, Attic, Kitchen, Interior, Crawl Space, Basement, Garage, and Structure.

The line item in our sample report simply identifies if insects and rodents are noted. Although in some cases, like during the exterior inspection and again in the attic inspection, you will see additional notes on rodent prevention (see below).




And again, potential rodents are mentioned during the Attic inspection.


Attic Inspection


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