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Inspection Terms

For each component of feature of a home I inspect, I identify it as:

Serviceable Functional with no obvious signs of defect. The item is capable of being used with normal wear/aging.
Maintenance Repair This condition warrants maintenance repairs.
Fair Condition Item is functional but in the upper range of typical service life for this component. May require repair or replacement at any time.

Poor Condition The general maintenance and upkeep on this component is poor. Recommend further evaluation and
repairs by a qualified contractor familiar with this system. Recommend budget considerations for
Not Present Item not present or not found.
Not Inspected Item was unable to be inspected for safety reasons or due to lack of power, inaccessible, or disconnected at time of inspection.

Defective Item needs immediate repair or replacement. It is unable to perform its intended function.
Safety Hazard Correction of this condition is highly recommended.
Safety Upgrade Upgrades are recommended for safety enhancement. This building may have been built before the era of current standards.


At Check It Out home Inspection, my job is to give an objective, accurate description of the state of a home or other structure. No more, no less.