covid19 update Portland Home Inspection

2021 COVID Protocol Revision

In March 2020, I established a COVID-19 safety protocol for my business. I have done some slight revisions since we now have a much better understanding of the virus and how it spreads. I still have strict measures in place to protect you, myself, and our community.

I am now allowing clients to come to inspections. Hooray! As always, it’s best to come at the end for a review of my findings. If clients want to reduce contact and not be present I am still happy to do reviews via Zoom or phone, and I offer contactless payment options.

If the sellers give their ok, realtors can just give me a code and I am happy to get to work without any contact until the end of the inspection or at review if someone chooses to be present.

I still expect everyone to wear facemasks if they choose to be present. Honestly, I have not had a client or realtor show up without one. We’ve all pretty much got this down now! I also expect to maintain social distancing, 10’ inside, 6’ outside and masked at all times.

I am continuing to wear an N-95 while inside any home. I bring my own soap and a small towel to dry my hands and I wash my hands several times during the inspection. I am still using antibacterial wipes to wipe down high touch surfaces in occupied and vacant homes at the end of each and every inspection.

I leave a note at each house stating the measures I have taken. I think this has really helped sellers who are living in their homes during the sale and inspection of their home feel much more comfortable.

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