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Check It Out Home Inspection Offers 5-Star Services 

Fulfilling Your Home Inspection Needs In Portland 

Check It Out Home Inspection offers professional home inspection services in Portland. Portland locals, remember that home inspection is an important part of both the process of buying a home and of owning a home. Check It Out Home Inspection offers thorough home inspection services and keeps our Portland clients informed about the state of a home’s interior, exterior, systems, and appliances. Call on Check It Out Home Inspection for pre-purchase home inspection services, pre-sale home inspection services, or maintenance home inspection services in the Portland area! 

Check It Out Home Inspection Has A 5 Out Of 5 Stars 

Portland locals can rest assured that Check It Out Home Inspection offers professional and thorough home inspection services. With 5 out of 5 stars on Google, our customers can feel confident that they are getting high-quality service. 

We encourage our Portland customers to take the time to read through some of our testimonialsYou’ll soon find why Check It Out Home Inspection is rated so highly for our home inspection services. Many realtors that we’ve worked for put in no uncertain terms why it’s worth hiring Check It Out Home Inspection. Realtors praise Check It Out Home Inspection’s home inspector, Karen Krieger. 

One realtor, Esmeralda Callahan, says that Karen “genuinely cares” for the customers she works with. In addition to “tak[ing] her time to look at all aspects and intricacies of a home, [Karen] also does a fantastic job of connecting with all my buyers.” Another realtor, Ron Almberg, expresses that Karen takes time with his clients “to explain the things she sees and whether they are important issues to address before moving forward with a purchase and sale agreement or whether they are regular home maintenance issues that every homeowner must deal with.” 

Portland customers can rest assured that not only will Check It Out Home Inspection’s Karen Krieger make a thorough job of the home inspection process but that she will also make sure that they are informed about the results of that inspection. Karen provides her Portland customers with the information they need to either make a decision about whether or no to buy a house, or where homeowners need to turn their attention to for home maintenance. Call on Check It Out Home Inspection today for professional home inspection services in Portland. 

Full-Service Home Inspection Services 

At Check It Out Home Inspection Services, we offer all the home inspection services you would expect, including electrical, plumbing, roof, structure, interior, exterior, garage, and grounds, etc. Go to the Check it Out Home Inspection homepage for a full list of home inspection services. We also offer One-Stop Shopping. Home Inspection Services so you can schedule sewer scoping, radon testing, and oil tank searches 24/7 with a single click or call. Schedule your home inspection online or by phone at 971-666-1184. Call today! 

Check It Out Home Inspection provides service to the Greater Portland and Vancouver areas.