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What Is The Purpose Of A Warranty Home Inspection?

Check It Out Home Inspection Covers All Of Portland’s Home Inspection Needs

Portland locals in need of professional home inspection services can rely on Check It Out Home Inspection. Check It Out Home Inspection is eager to help Portland homeowners ensure that the condition of their home is at its best.

What Is An 11-Month Warranty Home Inspection?

Most new homes come with a one year builders warranty. For this reason, I offer 11-month inspections to help identify items that the builder needs to repair. For homes that I inspected as new homes, I offer 11-month inspections for half of the original fee.

Why Should I Get A Warranty Home Inspection?

Owners of new homes in Portland will want to make sure that they get the most out of the builder’s warranty on their home. For 11-month inspections, I inspect the exterior, roof, attic and crawl space. These are limited inspections. The owner will usually know any other defects from living in the house.

Check It Out Home Inspection Deals For Portland Homeowners!

Are you in need of a warranty home inspection? If you had your initial new home inspection with Check It Out Home Inspection, then your warranty home inspection will be half the cost of your original inspection! Portland homeowners, don’t miss out. Get all your home inspection needs serviced by Check It Out Home Inspection.

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Full-Service Home Inspection Services

At Check It Out Home Inspection Services, we offer all the home inspection services you would expect, including electrical, plumbing, roof, structure, interior, exterior, garage, and grounds, etc. Go to the Check it Out Home Inspection homepage for a full list of home inspection services. We also offer One-Stop Shopping. Home Inspection Services so you can schedule sewer scoping, radon testing, and oil tank searches 24/7 with a single click or call. Schedule your home inspection online or by phone at 971-666-1184. Call today!

Check It Out Home Inspection provides service to the Greater Portland and Vancouver areas.


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